Prime Lenses for Sale

Leica Summilux C set of 12 SOLD

Beautiful 12 lens set of Leica Summilux C Primes  $400,000

Included in this set are 10 brand new front elements for all the lenses except the 16mm & the 135mm  ($10,000 value!)

TLS Super Baltar set of 6   SOLD

TLS Super Baltar set.  Vintage lenses 20/25/35/50/75/100  All T2.3  $72,000  SOLD

TLS Super Baltar 152mm T3  SOLD

TLS Super Baltar 152mm T3 with 4’6″  MOD   SOLD

Arriflex 10mm T2.1   s/n 7377456

Arri 10mm T2.1 Exc. condition  w/ LMB-4 Matte Box & Case  $6900

Arriflex 14mm T2

Arriflex 14mm T2 s/n 7161307  Exc+ condition  $4500

TLS Cooke Speed Pancro Set of 8

TLS Speed Pancro set of 8  $88,000

18mm T2.2,   25mm T2.2,   28mm T2.2,   35mm T2.3,   40mm T2.3,  

50mm  T2.3,  75mm T2.3,   100mm T2.8

Arriflex Standard Speed set of 5

Arriflex Standard speed set  $19,000

16mm T2.1,  24mm T2.1,  32mm T2.1,  50mm T2.1,  85mm T2.1

Arri Master Macro 100mm  SOLD

Arri Master Macro 100mm T2 s/n 8948015  $24,000  SOLD

Cooke Mini S4i  100mm

Cooke Mini S4i 100mm T2.8 s/n 8100-0599 Exc+ condition $5,900

Zeiss CP-2  50mm Makro T2.1

Zeiss 50mm Makro T2.1 s/n 50025108  Exc++ condition  $3900

Zeiss CP-2 135mm T2.1

Zeiss CP-2 135mm T2.1  s/n 50033724  Exc+ condition  $3900

Zeiss CP-2   100mm T2.1

Zeiss CP-2 100mm T2.1  s/n 50017229   Exc+ condition  $3400

Zeiss CP-2 85mm T2.1

Zeiss CP-2 85mm T2.1  s/n 50015453  Exc+ condition  $2800

Zeiss CP-2  50mm T2.1

Zeiss CP-2  50mm T2.1  s/n 50012808  Exc+ condition  $2800

Zeiss CP-2  35mm T2.1

Zeiss CP-2  35mm T2.1  s/n 50010860  Exc+ condition   $2800

Zeiss CP-2   28mm T2.1

Zeiss CP-2   28mm T2.1  s/n 50008551  Exc+ condition  $2800

Zeiss CP-2   25mm T2.1

Zeiss CP-2   25mm T2.1  s/n 50026692  Exc+ condition  $3100

Zeiss CP-2   21mm T2.9

Zeiss CP-2  21mm T2.9  s/n 50004502  Exc+ condition  $3000

Zeiss CP-2   15mm T2.9

Zeiss CP-2   15mm T2.9  s/n 50001986   Exc+ condition  $3900