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At Gulf Camera we are committed to providing rentals of the finest cameras, lenses and accessories along with “Big Rental House Service” in a Boutique atmosphere.

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Alan Degen, Partner

In 1973 Alan and two friends flew to Surinam and walked into the rain forest with a wind up Bolex 16mm film camera, old telephone pole climbing gear and the intention of being the first ever to film the giant Harpy Eagle in its nest.  After more than 17 months in the jungle the exclusive footage was sold to “Survival Anglia” and a life-long passion for moving pictures was born.  From that time Alan has been working as a cinematographer shooting documentaries, commercials and feature films. Alan’s client list includes: ABC, NBC, CBS, BBC, Survival Anglia, TBS, National Geographic, Warner Brothers and dozens of commercial producers. Alan has been providing clients with top quality camera rentals for more than 20 years.

Alan can be reached at (813) 205-4214 or by email: Alan@gulfcamera.com

Neal Norton, Partner

Neal has worked on over 40 feature films as both camera operator and steadicam operator.   He has operated camera for Vilmos Zsigmond, Laszlo Kovacs, Philippe Rousellot, Tim Burton, Neil Jordan, John Schwartzman, Bill Butler, Darrin Okada, Michael Bonvillian, Tom Hanks and Denzel Washington. Some of Neals credits include: “Maverick”, “My Best Friends Wedding”, “Conspiracy Theory, “Remember the Titans”, “Zombieland”, “Big Fish”, “The Ghost and the Darkness”, “The Brave One” and “Constantine”.

Neal is still shifting between feature film production and the new world of digital cinematography.  Latest projects have included films for Paramount and Warner Brothers as well as shooting commercials for HSN.

Personal Portfolio 

Neal can be reached at (813) 494-6771 or by email:  Neal@gulfcamera.com