New TLS Super Baltar Lenses Now Available

Superb vintage prime lenses rehoused by TLS are now available for rental at Gulf Camera.

Super Baltar

Our set of TLS Super Baltar Primes

On modern digital cinema cameras the vintage Super Baltars provide a wonderful soft low contrast and warm flare that adds character and richness to the image.  Before TLS worked their magic the Super Baltar was a real challenge to use because of the tiny focus markings and very short throw from close to infinity.

The TLS Super Baltar is now as useable as a Cooke S-4 with widely spaced focus marks and clear, well thought out engraving through the entire range from near to far.

The TLS Super Baltar is a wonderful addition to our set of TLS Cooke Speed Panchros which have been very popular.

Our Super Baltar Set:

  • 20mm T2.3
  • 25mm T2.3
  • 35mm T2.3
  • 50mm T2.3
  • 75mm T2.3
  • 100mm T2.3



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