Optimo 45-120 now at Gulf Camera

We are proud to announce the addition of the new Optimo 45-120  light weight zoom to inventory.

Now available for rent is the beautiful and long awaited Optimo 45-120 T2.8.  This lens completes the line of hand held zooms from Angenieux along with the 15-40 T2.6 and the 28-76 T2.6.

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Fujinon Premier 19-90 “Cabrio” T2.9

For many jobs this lens will go on the camera at the beginning of the day. . . and still be there at wrap.  And it may well be on the “A” camera.

This new lens provides a whole new level of flexibility in PL mount light weight zooms.  For example, shooting Alexa in 16X9 at an 11 foot distance from a six foot tall person you can produce a full figure shot using 19mm and then zoom to a tight head and shoulders shot at 90mm.  And if run and gun suits your style, Fujinon provides an integrated and removable hand grip with zoom control that will allow operators to sneak in smooth shifts in focal length.

19-90 with hand grip

The hand grip attached to the “Cabrio”

The new Fujinon 19-90 is shipped with the hand grip – zoom rocker attached to the lens.   I removed the four screws securing the the hand grip and set it aside.

Hand Grip removed



With the hand grip off of the lens it weighs in at 4.8lbs and is just about 1.5 inches longer  and  slightly (.3lbs) heavier than the Optimo 15-40 and 28-76 and 1/2 inch longer than the new 45-120.  The front diameter is 114mm just like the small Optimo lenses.

Instruction sheet for re-attaching the Hand Grip

Putting the hand grip back on the lens is not too difficult.  Fujinon provides a nice plastic coated set of instructions for use when re-installing the grip.  It took 5 minutes while following the instructions carefully and would be faster after a time or two.  I would recommend doing this chore on a well lit bench with no distractions – not on a lens mounted to a camera on a dolly with the first AD breathing down your neck.

Mechanically the lens looks and feels like a quality cine lens should.  The iris is very smooth and goes from T2.9 to T22 and then closes completely.  The zoom is also quite smooth with a small but noticeable difference going from wide to tight (more drag) than from tight to wide (less drag).

All the markings on the lens are large and clear and should be easy to read in low light.  The minimum focus distance is 2 feet 10 inches  which is 10 inches longer than the 15-40 and the 28-76 and 3 inches closer than the 45-120 Optimo.

Exposed lens contacts

There is a rubber cover that protects the exposed pins when the hand grip is not attached.  A hard plastic or metal cover would be more durable and secure.  Adding this to list!

Gulf Camera designed lens support

The 19-90 is shipped with no lens support bracket on the lens.   That seems like a serious omission and we felt that using this lens with no lens support with or without the hand grip attached would put too much stress on the lens mount.   With high demand for these new lenses we wanted to get something done quickly.  Gulf Camera partner Alan Degen was able to design and manufacture a mount bracket in less than one week.  The prototype was ready just in time for one of our lenses to go out on its first rental.

The 19-90 has a knob at the back of the lens that allows quick adjustment of back focus. A  check on back-focus proved painless on our UniQoptics collimator.  I  worked at 3 feet from the Century chart.  The contrast on this lens is superb and checking for focus is a snap.  The procedure is to zoom to 90mm then front focus – zoom back to 19mm and back focus – then repeat.  With the back-focus knob loosened up the lever is well damped and it is easy to find focus and then to tighten the knob while maintaining calibration.  In most cases I would advise users to make sure the back focus is properly set at prep.

Once the back focus was set I put the lens through my normal lens check for focus accuracy at minimum, 4 feet, 6 feet, 10 feet and infinity.  All were spot-on at both 19mm and 90mm.  Then I put the lens on an Alexa and checked for zoom tracking and found it also to be very good.

Macro slider on 19-90

My first shoot with the 19-90 was a 4 day commercial in North Georgia.  I paired the 19-90 with an Angenieux Optimo 24-290 on an Alexa camera.  The new lens was a great compliment to the big 12-1 and for tight interiors and hand held work it was a great choice.  I even got a chance to use the “macro” mode on the lens. . . I discovered that when using a diopter on the front of the lens that the “macro” slider allows a fine adjustment that comes in very handy.




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