Angenieux Optimo 45 to 120 Zoom – Update – Its here!

Our first new Optimo 45-120 has arrived at Gulf Camera!

A great addition to the Optimo hand held zooms, the new 45-120 Optimo is a terrific compliment to the Optimo 15 to 40 and the Optimo 28 to 76.

Gulf Camera is pleased to now offer this fantastic new lens.



The focus ring on the 45-120mm focus ring has a 320° focus rotation with over 50 precise focus witness marks and minimal breathing. Its compact size makes it ideal for use in handheld, crane, and steadicam situations.


• An extremely fast aperture speed of T2.8
• 320° focus rotation with over 50 witness marks
• A superior level of optical performance across the entire range
• No ramping, minimal breathing
• Calibrated focus marks available in feet or meters (easily interchangeable focus ring)
• Available in PL mount (PV, Nikon, and Canon mounts available upon request)


  • Focal Length: 45-120mm
  • Zoom Range: 2.7x
  • Geometric Aperture: f2.6
  • Photometric Aperture: T2.8
  • Length: 203mm
  • Front Diameter: 114mm
  • Weight: 4.3 lbs. (1.95kg)


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