Alexa Goes High Speed!

Gulf Camera now has Alexa at 120fps

11/22/2011  The Alexa High Speed option is now available on our cameras.

Our Alexa cameras are now updated to the new firmware release SUP 5.0 and when used with the new Sony 64GB SXS cards are capable of running ProRes 422 at up to 120fps.  At ProRes 444 the cameras will now run at speeds up to 60fps.

Important new features with SUP 5.0

• Enables High Speed license
• 60 fps ARRIRAW over 3G Dual Link
• 60 fps HD-SDI 4:4:4 over 3G Dual Link
• ProRes 4444 with 60 fps when using SxS PRO 64 GB cards
• Horizontal Image Mirroring (3D)
• ARRI Look Files for playback of QuickTime/ProRes Log C files
• Reel & clip number on MON OUT
• Secure camera display dimming
• New default frameline names
• Active look indication
• Dual record error handling
• Open Camera Access (OCA) initiative


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